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new patient forms

For your convenience please print these New Patient Forms and complete them at your leisure in the comfort of your home and then bring them with you to your first appointment. Forms include a five-page patient history form and four legal forms. Complete all forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.

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your first visit - what to expect

  • Your first visit will last approximately 90 minutes.
  • It is best to eat a light meal or snack before your treatment. Do not come for treatment hungry or on a full stomach.
  • Please bring either the completed New Patient History form that you have downloaded and printed from the website or arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. If you are unable to complete the forms prior to your appointment, please be sure to bring a list of all of the current medications and supplements you are currently taking.
  • The first appointment will consist of a 20-25 minute consultation where a series of detailed questions will be discussed pertaining to your current health problems and symptoms, as well as your past medical history. As part of the initial assessment, the practitioner will also examine your tongue and feel your pulse to help arrive at a medical diagnosis.
  • After the consultation, the practitioner will explain the treatment modalities to be performed based on your diagnosis. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing to allow for access to your legs and arms. In some cases, you will be asked to undress and a medical gown will be provided for your comfort.
  • Prior to the insertion of very thin, sterile, disposable acupuncture needles, the sites of insertion will be swabbed with alcohol. Although some sites are more sensitive than others, the patient usually feels no pain or possibly a slight pinch upon insertion of the needle. After the needle is inserted you may feel a slight soreness, tingling, numbness or heavy sensation, but this is a positive effect and a sign that the vital energy is arriving.
  • The needles will remain in place for 25-35 minutes. During this time the practitioner will check on you several times to make sure that you are comfortable and that no adjustments need be made to the needles. Most people find acupuncture to be very relaxing and often will fall asleep during the treatment.
  • At times other modalities may be included in the treatment process such as tui na, cupping, gua sha, or moxibustion. (To learn more about these procedures refer to Frequently Asked Questions)
  • If the practitioner thinks that it would be beneficial to your treatment, she might make recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes to help rebalance your body and mind. Exercises such as Tai Chi or various styles of Qi Gong also may be recommended. Chinese herbs will be prescribed as part of the treatment plan.

after the treatment

  • Plan to take it easy after your treatment. Your practitioner will give you instructions about how to limit your activity based on your symptoms and diagnosis.
  • If you are prescribed an herbal formula, explicit instructions will be provided about how and when to take the herbs. Herbal prescriptions are intended only for the person for whom they were prescribed and should not be given to anyone else.
  • Very rarely, symptoms may become worse after acupuncture treatment. This is often a sign that dormant conditions are being awakened and are part of the healing process. This should pass quickly.