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chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbs are an integral component of Chinese medicine and are used to enhance and restore health by strengthening the body and correcting imbalances. Herbs may be prescribed in conjunction with your acupuncture treatment or you may simply request an herbal consultation, which generally lasts 15-30 minutes. Herbal formulas are produced and dispensed in various forms and prescribed based on the patient's health condition, with consideration of their lifestyle. Herbs will be prescribed in either a powdered extract formula that is added to hot water and consumed as a tea, in a tincture or in a pill or capsule. Each powdered herbal formula is tailored specifically to the patient's current condition. Typically 10-14 herbs make up one formula. 

are chinese herbs safe?

Yes, when dispensed by a trained licensed herbalist. The use of Chinese herbs to treat health conditions dates back at least 2,000 years and through this long history and vast amount of research their clinical applications have been and continue to be perfected. There are more than 300 herbs that are commonly used today. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that are made synthetically, the compounds of the herbs are in their natural state thereby allowing them to work naturally with the body, stimulating the body's ability to heal.

Herbs dispensed through this practice are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that meets and exceeds international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. They are prepared in a strictly controlled environment to safeguard against contamination and tested to meet or exceed U.S. Pharmacopeia standards. 

is it safe to combine pharmaceutical medication with chinese herbs?

In the most cases it is safe to consume Chinese herbs while taking pharmaceutical medications, but each patient will be given a complete evaluation of their medication history before herbs are prescribed. It is imperative that the patient share with the practitioner all of the medications they are taking, which includes prescription drugs, over the counter medications and supplements. Herb drug interactions are very rare. In fact, Chinese studies have shown that herbs can increase the effectiveness of modern drug treatments, reduce their side effects and sometimes replace them completely.